A fulfilling & meaningful life is lived from the Heart. 

A life of committed action that is aligned with your deepest integrity.   Without it, success is empty. If you are willing to look deep into yourself to find that meaning, then you have arrived. Here, we use stories as a way of finding and empowering our greatest strengths.

Have powerful success that is sourced from your Heart.

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What is missing is a deep sense of meaning. 

I’m not talking about the meaning that we give things. The meaning I’m talking about can only be found within. I call the meaning within you: Heart.

Heart doesn’t have meaning.

Heart is meaning.

Heart is already-always whole, complete, and lacking nothing. And yet, Heart’s nature is to grow. Heart is already full and always willing to expand if given the opportunity.

Heart is Fulfillment
Fulfilling Itself. 

Heart is the source of Commitment. Heart is what drives us and inspires us to succeed. It is fully committed to its own fulfillment. You don’t need to strive to become more committed. You just need to unearth the commitment already living in your own Heart.

How do you awaken the commitment sleeping deep within your Heart? By listening for it. The whole purpose of this site is to equip you with the tools necessary, through using stories, to discover your Heart.

We Discover Our Heart In The Stories We Love

From the very beginning we’ve used stories to make sense of the world and ourselves. The stories that have stayed with us the longest are the ones that resonate the most. We resonate with those stories because they speak for something about us that we have not named but we know is true.

Stories are universally meaningful to everyone. 
Stories are uniquely meaningful to each one of us.
Stories are projections of what lives deep within us.

Stories are Mirrors of Ourselves

Our favorite stories are the stories we can relate to. We relate to them because the same story lives in us. The projection on the movie screen is also a projection of ourselves. There is a precise and poetic symmetry between us and our stories.

You are every character in the story

We can all relate to the hero in the story. And if we have the courage to look a little closer, we can also relate to the villain. The hero, the villain, the victim, the persecutor, the rescuer, are all aspects of you.

The tools and resources here will give you a completely new perspective on the stories, books, and movies you’ve grown up with. With me you will learn how to find, embrace, and empower the best parts of yourself.
You will get to the Heart of You, and your life will be better for it.

About Me

Hi, I’m Gabriel Hougher, and I’ve loved stories since I was very young. I grew up in Iowa, spending my time going on imaginative adventures through the woods, hills, fields, and creeks where I lived.

It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I realized why stories were so meaningful to me. Studying Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and others, made the connection for me. I realized I love stories because they are a way of getting to know myself.

Since then, I have been using stories as a tool for growth for both me and my clients. I have worked with tools like The Work of Byron Katie, shadow work, Men’s Work, The Empowerment Dynamic, transactional analysis, shamanic medicine work, Internal Family Systems, Transcendental Meditation, integral theory, leadership coaching, behavioral coaching, and Nonviolent Communication. I have trained with master coaches, doctors, shamans, and mystics, who prefer to not be named. 

Thank you for coming. 
Gabriel H

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