Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog!

Three sentences about me

I was born into a community of spiritual seekers. Since 10, I have been meditating, practicing yoga, studying philosophies of life. My life has been about growing in all directions; spirituality, coaching, profession, and relationships. 

What I blog about

This blog is about growth. As the homepage declares, the nature of life is to grow. This space is dedicated to everything that fulfills our own nature to be more powerful, loving, intelligent, compassionate, resourceful, graceful, connected, __________(add your own here).

All growth is welcome here

There are many ways to categorize and measure personal growth. Some use professional/financial success. Some emphasize relationships and family. Other value what the more subjective aspects of psychological and spiritual well being. I am interested in developing all of it. 

Why this blog exists in the first place

It is here to share and discuss helpful ideas and resources for a life of growth. As technology becomes exponentially more powerful, it is necessary to have exponential growth in the human domain. We now have the power of gods but we have yet to develop the wisdom. 

And because…

This is life! And life improves when we improve.

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