A Deeper Dive

What am I promising you as a coach?

You’ll have the tools to live your life grounded in the whole and complete fullness of your own stature, with substantive impact on your own life's fulfillment. You’ll be more clearly in touch with those aspects of your self-expression that are truly worthy of honoring and committing to, empowering you to experience your life as a wholeness that is continuously moving into greater and greater states of fulfillment.

What does the process look like?

The onboarding process begins with an initial interview, a personal assessment, a snapshot of your current life situation, and what you aim to change. We meet in person or via video conference every 2 weeks. Between calls, there will be follow-up communication and “homework” assignments uniquely designed for you. I offer both six-month and year-long programs.

What does a successful outcome look like?

The fulfillment of a life you love, as indicated by:

An increased appreciation for your life.

Not needing to compensate for the past.

A sense of accomplishment that your efforts make a substantive difference in the world.

An inherent enjoyment of being alive and a sense of simply being happier.

Continuously being able to ground your actions in what fulfills your underlying commitments to yourself rather than simply responding to your concerns of the moment.

What are the conditions for working together?

What I require of you is:

100% commitment to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm,” as Winston Churchill once said.

Commitment to the unfolding of your development and to cultivating a life of fulfillment.

Showing up prepared, on time, rested, mentally clear, and having done your homework.

Conducting the sessions in an environment conducive to focus.

Your grit, rigor, playfulness, and a personally unreasonable expectation of your own capacity. Voicing your concerns, disagreements, questions, and aspirations at all times.

What can you expect of me?

To be fully committed to your development.

To show up on time and prepared.

To hold myself accountable for your development, conditional upon your full adherence to my direction.

To walk with you through the discomfort of growth.

To be intrusive, even when you don’t want me to be.

To hold you accountable without indictment.

What background is the practice rooted in?

Western psychology, Eastern philosophy, and a dollop of the ineffable.

The same principles upon which life is rooted: to continuously grow in the direction of ever-increasing fulfillment, freedom, expression, complexity, and awareness

The philosophy that all of existence finds its origin in the essential, that at the basis of all that you are is an irreducible and essential nature unique to you. It has never occurred before and will never occur again. It’s this nature that we’re out to enable, empower, and enhance.

What’s the philosophy of the approach?

Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness.”

By grounding in your essential nature, we harness the most powerful strata of you. Therefore, there’s nothing to add on to it. There’s only what stands in the way of it unfolding. Part of our time will be spent attuning to that essential nature, and part of the time is spent discovering and taking responsibility for what gets in the way. And part of the time is focusing on strategic real-world implementation of this newfound ability.

About Gabriel Hougher


This space is dedicated to growing towards greater states of achievement, personal freedom, harmony, and most of all, fulfillment. The discussion is about the implementation of all the different tools for self-awareness, taking responsibility, and kicking ass on the field. Some of my favorite hashtags include #Shadow-Work, #Strategic-Planning, #Inquiry, #Depth-Psychology, #The-Work, #Immunity-To-Change, #The-Empowerment-Dynamic.

I come from a lifelong background of self-development. I am passionate about progress and freedom in all areas of life: professional, financial, relational, psychological, and spiritual. I captain private jets, I invest in real estate, and I coach people towards having both professional and personal success. If you want to read further, there’s a longer “about me” below. Thanks!